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As we close out the first week of the new year everyone looks back at what happened last year. Six months ago, VRA came to be with the mission to be a resource and network for veterans in the racing community. Dec 30th the sitting board and officers were notified that a past board member, who had resigned, filed paperwork with the state of CA removing the whole board and all but one officer and made themselves CEO of the nonprofit. At that time everything VRA was shut down until the board and officers could discuss the next move. After a few working days we came to the decision the best use of time and resources would be to continue the original mission and use those resources to support the vets. So, board members and officers will continue while letting the name go to the new management, legal or not, which is headed by a civilian. That new managements mission being to build a support team of local vets and civilians to race in the southwest deserts around two private civilian owned flagship utvs. Which will not require both cars to have a veteran in.

While we work on the new name and build our board and officer staff with more leaders in the racing and veteran community, we want to thank all the supporters and sponsors who have helped reach so many veterans so far. And we hope to see everyone out there on the race track.

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